Sculpture "Black Friday"
Materials: Colored Nuceron, fiberplast, colded silver.
Mesures: 1,2x0,5xh1,6m
Authors: Argo Männik and Oliver Soomets
For sale. 2024

Fashionable, Seasonal, Women`s Day Special, Christmas Special, Special Release, Special Offer, New Model, Fits Better, Made Just For You, You Don’t Want To Miss It, Best Price, Today Only, Here Only, Want Bigger, Want Newer, Want Too, Want More, do you already have it, you can get it cheap, this line can be continued endlessly.

Final sale, clearance sale, best price, discount price, special price, price rally, crazy days, price bomb, price bang, three for one price, free coffee, win a TV, prices down, prices melting, etc. – one end of “Black Friday”.

The work critical of the consumer society “Black Friday” depicts a gluttonous and trendy monkey metaphorically standing on an ordinary shipment. He has received the courier packages and is ready to eagerly open them when suddenly a deus ex machina – a golden mudfly – falls from the sky on the monkey’s nose. The focus changes. The monkey freezes. There is silence and a vacuum, which forces him to self-examine through a hyper-realistic curved mirror: “We adorn ourselves, but with what?! Mmmh, the whole thing stinks, but the flies are scared away, luckily, and you get used to the accompanying smell, luckily.”

Sculpture series "Another World"

 Materials: colored iron.
 Author: Argo Männik. 2023

 "Another World" is a place, where they come from. Their chitin shell is replaced by steel and their veins are filled with fire. They charm us with their colours and forms, quietly observing our doings.

Invasion.  2,5mx1mx0.5m. Private collection. 2023

Visions in the night.  1.7x2,5x0,3m. For sale. 2023

Expansion.  2,2x2,2x0.4m. For sale. 2023

Sculpture "Reflection"

Materials: colored iron.
Author: Argo Männik.
Currently made in a smaller scale, 0,8m.
For sale. 2023

Sculpture "Crowing"

 Materials: apple tree, brass.
 Author Argo Männik.
 For sale. 2023

 This apple tree grew in the front yard of my childhood home for many generations. I also grew up with him, but eventually he got tired. Resurrected, he lives forever.

Sculpture "Flying"

Materials: apple tree, brass and chrome.
Author: Argo Männik.
For sale. 2023
That same apple tree. I liked to sit and dream on top of it as a little boy. The tree is gone now, but the dreams are still here and guide towards the stars. 

Sculpture "Can you make a dog!?"

Colored stainless steel.
: height 3,8, width 3m.
Location: Saue National High-School. 2022.
Authors Argo Männik and Oliver Soomets. 2022

The sculpture “Can You Make a Dog?!” depicts a familiar childhood toy. Whether it is now a bird or an animal, and whether the artist truly couldn’t make a dog, is left for the viewer to decide. The purpose of the artwork is to evoke curiosity, make passersby reflect on creativity more broadly, and encourage them to see things in their own unique way, questioning: “Can I really make a dog too?!

Sculpture "Wave"

 Stainless steel. 
 Author: Argo Männik.
 Tallinn's cruise terminal. 4,9x9m. 2021

The port is a place, which people move through quickly, but at the same time a place, where the ones who arrive can say "I'm here". Physics explain us the essence of waves in a similar way - a wave is transmission of energy in matter, whereas matter itself doesn't move along with it. Sculpture "Wave" expresses the movement of people as waves - their meetings and leavings.

Sculpture series "Half way"

We are on the way , but to where?
Authors: Argo Männik and Oliver Soomets.
Materials:  colored nuceron.
Private collection. 2022

Installation "Illuminated"

Acrylic painting. 2,5x2,5x0,5m.
Authors: Argo Männik and Oliver Soomets.
Private collectuon. 2022

The acrylic painting “Valgustatud” depicts the sun in the artist’s interpretation and contains a metaphor that arises from the struggle between the opposites of light and darkness. Light is something that brings an entity or essence from darkness into visibility and shows the way. We see the light and want to be enlightened because darkness is ignorance that hides dangers. It is good to see – to be enlightened.

Installation "Black hole"

Acrylic painting. 2,5x2,5x0,5m.
Authors: Argo Männik and Oliver Soomets.
For sale

Installation "Bue dot"
Acrylic painting. 2,5x2,5x0,5m.
Authors: Argo Männik and Oliver Soomets.
For sale

The artwork represents, in a modern landscape painting interpretation, a cosmic dot taken from the outer reaches of the solar system – the Kuiper Belt. Astronomer Carl Sagan had Voyager 1 capture a photo of Earth on February 14, 1990, just before leaving the solar system, resulting in a tiny blue “pixel,” a barely noticeable blue dot amidst the vastness of the dark emptiness. The image spread globally in the media with the message: “This is what we look like to Others.” In NASA and the American administration’s words: “That’s here. That’s us. That’s home.”
 It’s a portrait of “Us”. The artist attempts to interpret and closely examine this blurry image from a distance, looking into the blue planet, whose uniqueness lies in the fact that everything around us is happening for real. We are part of this fragility, and we have the opportunity to be part of a tremendous accident that aimlessly moves somewhere and, at the same time, appears as a barely noticeable anonymous point from the edge of the universe.
 The given painting is part of the triological painting series “The Gaze of God".

Sculpture series "Avalon"

Sculpture series “Avalon” North-Estonian Regional Hospital. 
Materjals: clay and copper.
Authors : Argo Männik, Ester Faiman and Lauri Kilusk.

 All that lives sprouts from a seed and despite obstacles forces it's way upwards, towards the light. The miracle of birth is always fascinating - you put a seed in the ground and it grows into a beautiful sunflower or an apple tree with delicious fruit. The Celts knew about a sacred place, Avalon island located in the middle of the ocean, where the people didn't know of diseases, aging or death. The blossoming of cherry trees is a big holiday for the japanese and influenced by the knowledge, that nature and humans are strongly related. 

Sculpture "Spark"

Tallinn's Europe School, Gustav Suits has said: "Let's be Estonians, but also become Europeans". 
Stainless steel
Authors: Argo Männik, Taavi Kuningas, Urmet Mihkel.

Sculpture series "Cocoons"

Material: metal, plastic. Located at Kütiorg, Võru county. Author: Argo Männik. 2002

Ülim müsteerium - metamorfoos. Rasvaussikesene sulgub oma kookoni üksildusse, süüvib iseendasse - või millesse -? ? ning koorub mõne aja pärast tundliku ja keerulise lennumasinana, mis on kaetud pigmenteeritud ja optiliste valgustmurdvate plaadikeste võrgutava salakirjaga - kõigeveiklevama ja meeliviivama mandalaga eluslooduses. Siin peitub  loomise tohutuim müsteerium.

Sculptural wall "Curtain"

Ugala teather's metal wall . Optical illusion, that invites watchers.
Authors: Argo Männik, Kaiko Kivi, Bruno Lillemets.
Material: Corten steel. Dimensions 37m x 2,8m. 2017

It is in a humans nature, that they prefer landscapes with alternating depth to closed or overly open ones. Both the open field and the dense thicket can potentially be dangerous. The reason for that fenomenon is in evolutionary psychology and thats exactly why we have bushes and trees in our parks – to bring a comforting variety to the view. Art piece “Curtain” offers the same thing, but with a much different material and form.